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We have been serving the California notary community for the past 10 years.  We are located in El Dorado Hills in Northern California.  All our products are proprietary so we can offer the lowest pricing available.  Our bond/E&O prices are the lowest in California.  All bond/E&O policies are for the full 4 years of your commission.  Our Cleanprint Journal is unique from the others in that it provides a totally clean thumbprinting system that leaves absolutely no residue on your skin.  The journal comes complete with it's own, completely clear pad for about the same as you'd pay for a high quality journal without the fingerprint pad.  Our notary seals are pre-inked, the highest quality available.

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Notary Bonds and E&O Insurance

Notary Bonds & E & O Insurance in California

Ross Insurance Services in California provides notary bonds and E and O notary insurance. Our services are ideal for notary publics and work to cover both the notary public and the customer. We bring you the bonds and insurance to demonstrate your commitment to protecting others.

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We provide proprietary products, which enables us to offer the lowest pricing available, including the lowest prices in California. All of our bonds and E&O policies are available for four years. Discover the benefits of our notary bonds and E & O notary insurance.

Notary Bonds

Our notary bonds are ideal for notary publics to demonstrate that customers are protected from financial harm. We understand that your success is partially determined by the trust that customers have in you, which a notary bond conveys.

E&O Insurance

E&O notary insurance is also called errors and omissions, as well as professional liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. E&O insurance protects you as a notary public and covers court costs as well as settlements.

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We provide our notary bonds and E and O notary insurance throughout California. Discover what we can do for you by coming to our insurance agents. Call 1 800 543-1444 to get started today.

California Notary Bond/$100,000 E&O Policy
California Notary Bond/$50,000 E&O Policy
California Notary Bond/$30,000 E&O Policy
California Notary Bond/$25,000 E&O Policy
California Notary Bond/$20,000 E&O Policy
California Notary Bond/$15,000 E&O Policy
California Notary Bond

Notary Seals/Embossers

PSI Pre-Inked Notary Seal
Slim Seal
Handheld Embosser
Desk Model Embosser

Forms Download

Zip file contains all the forms most used by notaries in both fill-able and printable versions

 To download the forms, you must create an account first.  After placing your order, log out then back in.  Click on the ACCOUNT button and  "downloads" now appears in the box.  Click "downloads" to begin downloading the forms.

Forms are available for 1 download for 24 hours after placing your order.